Covance On-Demand Webinar Series

A Pragmatic Approach to Patient Support Program Design — Implement Technology at the Right Time to Deliver Greater Program and Patient Insight
Anjali Hinduja
Senior Director
Innovation and Implementation
Technology is often touted as a silver bullet, but often the promise falls short of the unrealistic expectation of a tech driven utopia. Knowing when to deploy which technologies requires a pragmatism that balances technology with people and processes to deliver the right balance of efficiency and risk. This session explores the drivers and trends in technology-enabled hub programs and examines where and how to leverage technology to gain efficiencies and maximize outcomes and insights.
  • Identify the drivers for innovation from the perspectives of both patients, prescribers and manufacturers
  • Analyze the true limitations of technology and how pragmatism can be achieved in hub design to ensure ongoing customer experience
  • Explore how global service delivery models are improving customer service and program efficiency in lock step with technology innovations
  • Take away pragmatic design principals that maximize innovation benefits whilst minimize program risk
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